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From Wordpress to Jekyll thumbnail image

From Wordpress to Jekyll

I have migrated my blog from Wordpress to Jekyll. Jekyll is the better choice for my workflow and there exist quite a few nice open source themes. For instan...

Kernel debugging with Qemu thumbnail image

Kernel debugging with Qemu

I used mostly QEMU as test platform, which is an open source machine emulator and virtualizer for a general-purpose computer architectures. Therefore, it is ...


AVX isn’t always faster than SEE thumbnail image

AVX isn’t always faster than SEE

To explain vectorization via Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) I mostly use the simple calculation of π. I calculate π by determining the integral between 0 an...

ROME 2014 thumbnail image

ROME 2014

Like the year before, I am co-organizer of the 2nd Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for the Many-core Era (ROME 2014), which is held in conjunction ...